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Chill the Drills in Our Arctic

Chill the Drills: Protect America's Arctic!

Tell the Obama Administration to Chill the Drills.  Click here to fill out your petition and say the following:




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To Obama Administration,

We the undersigned want strong protections for the special places in America's Arctic -- like the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling in the Arctic will not lower gas prices or solve the energy crisis. We are addicted to oil and more drilling just feeds that addiction. Drilling in the Arctic would do nothing to reduce gas prices for the average American family -- it would only line the coffers of the oil industry, which broke tens of billions of dollars in profit records last year.

Most of our public lands in America's Arctic are already open to oil and gas leasing, but some places are too special to drill: The Arctic Refuge, Teshekpuk Lake, the Utukok Uplands, and the Polar Bear Seas are the jewels of the far north. If we want future generations to enjoy their pristine wilderness and majestic wildlife, we must protect these places now!

America's Arctic is home to a stunning array of wildlife. Polar bears, walrus, caribou, beluga whale, and countless other species have roamed the far north for centuries. Now they are under siege. All across the Arctic, rapid climate change is altering their fragile habitat, and the push to drill for oil and gas is mounting.

The Arctic regions are warming at a rate that is about twice as fast as the rest of the world. Climate change poses a special danger to the region, where wildlife and nature have formed a delicate balance. Arctic species such as polar bears, walrus, and seals find themselves in a precarious situation as the sea ice habitat they depend on for survival melts. The impacts from global warming also jeopardize the way of life for the Arctic's indigenous people. Burning the fossil fuels found in the Arctic will only accelerate global warming and hasten these impacts.

Recent Alaskan oil spills, pipeline shutdowns, and the visible effects of global warming underscore the need to break America's oil addiction and embrace smart energy solutions that promise a cheaper, smarter, cleaner and more reliable energy future. A serious national commitment to renewable energy will put our economy back on the path to prosperity by bringing energy costs under control, creating over 820,000 new jobs, and making us more energy independent.

We don't need to spoil America's last great wilderness in the pursuit of oil and other fossil fuels.

Historically we have set aside our nations most precious natural places, like The Grand Canyon and Yellow Stone National Park as our legacy to our children. We now have an opportunity and an obligation to protect America's arctic as our legacy to future generations.

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Dan Ritzman


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