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Overturn 'NO More Wilderness Policy'

President Obama and the Department of Interior’s “America’s Great Outdoors” program have a space their website allowing folks to share and vote on ideas relating to land conservation.  This is an opportunity for people across the country to have a say in the direction of these policies for the current administration.  There are a number of suggestions, “ideas” on the forum, which are ‘pro’ or ‘con’ on wilderness.  One in particular to “promote” isOverturn the ‘No More Wilderness’ Policy”.  Please take the time to visit the site and “promote” this idea.

The “no more wilderness” policy, begun under President Bush, precludes the Bureau of Land Management from temporarily protecting wilderness quality lands as “wilderness study areas”.  It impacts millions of acres in several western states.  Sec. Salazar testified in Congress that he does not like the policy but has nevertheless left it in effect.

Take Action:

Here are the steps involved:

1)     Register on the site:

2)     Once you register, sign in.

3)     Go to “home” on the top dashboard.

4)     Under “All Ideas” you will find “Overturn the ‘No More Wilderness’ Policy”.  If you wish to filter further, you can click on “Public Lands Conservation.”

5)     Click on “Promote” on the left side (in green) next that idea.

6)     If you wish, you can comment by clicking on the general link to the idea.

7)     You can continue to scroll through the list as there are a number of other pro-wilderness and anti-wilderness items which you may want to "promote” or “demote” as appropriate.

This forum, though a little complicated, could potentially be very helpful in showing support.  Thanks to everyone in advance who navigates the site.

More Information:

Mark Rorick,

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