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Public Comment: Keep Chemicals off the Railroads

Action needed by 24, 2010

The Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) has sprayed pesticides and herbicides without proper permits, but now it is seeking permits.  ARRC wants to spray on tracks between Bird and Seward, including 30 acres in the Seward yard. This is a statewide issue because ARRC wants to incorporate this permit into a much broader herbicide application program throughout the railbelt.


The herbicide glyphosate contaminates surface water and can cause short and long-term cause human health impacts.  Glyphosate also can have residual effects on fish and aquatic environments with the effects compounded by certain natural environmental conditions such as high sedimentation levels, temperature, pH levels, and water chemistry.

There is mounting evidence showing these herbicides have interactive effects and adverse health effects at extremely low levels well below the EPA allowable levels. These effects include adverse neurological, endocrine, immune, reproductive, and developmental health outcomes.

Take Action:

Please let your voice be heard in opposition to herbicide spraying on the Alaska Railroad by SUPPORTING this adjudicatory hearing request.  Other vegetation control methods can be used.



        Mailing address: Gary Mendivil, Office of the Commissioner, ADEC, PO Box 111800, Juneau, AK 99811-1800

Also include Governor Sean Parnell in your comments (he could be the first Governor since Jay Hammond to allow spraying on the railroad, and is running for reelection):

        Email address:

        Or send an email on his website:
        Mailing address: PO Box 110001, Juneau, AK 99811-0001

        Email address for comments:

More Information:

Russ Maddox, Alaska Chapter Executive Committee


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