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Bold Visions for Wilderness

Action needed by 22, 2011


The US Fish and Wildlife Service is creating a new vision for our National Wildlife Refuge System. There is a new online forum for you to put your ideas and comments out there.  There are 553 wildlife refuges – and obviously Alaska is lucky to have some great ones! - providing 150 million acres for more than 750 animal and plant species.  The USFWS is going through a process to strengthen their management methods to protect our special places.

The first thing you can do is comment on the Draft Vision of the Plan.  Comments can be short and sweet or long and complicated, just do it.  You don't need to log in or have an account to do this step!

You can also vote and comment on "bold ideas."  Votes are a good step, but comments matter the most!  This nex part isn't complicated  as it looks, just give it a try! 

Take Action:

Comment on the Draft Plan:

                1.     Go to:

2.      On the right side under "Comment on the Draft Vision" click on the "Find out more" button.

3.     Scroll through the table of contents and review items of interest. We recommend that you check out "Wilderness Stewardship" and urge FWS to revise the current wilderness stewardship policy so that it is consistent with the wilderness act and responsive to climate change.

4.     Scroll to the bottom and fill out the "Leave a comment" form. Under "Name" put your name and under "Mail" put a valid e-mail address.  Leave comments in the box below and hit "submit comment"

5.     If all else fails, you can e-mail comments to

Vote and Comment on the Bold Ideas Forum:

In order to comment and vote, you'll need to create a user account.

Here's how:

1.     Go to:

2.     Click the blue box: "Join the Conversation!"

3.     Complete the form.  Make up a username (only lowercase letters allowed!) and click "Complete Sign Up."

4.     Log onto your e-mail and click on the link that was e-mailed to you.  This will take you back and inform you that your account is now active.

5.     Click "Log in" or "Login here"

6.      Enter your username and password 

Now that you're logged in...

1.      Select "find out more" under "Your Bold Ideas"

2.     Scroll through the forum and select bold ideas that you want to vote for or comment on.  You can navigate the forum using the tabs on top like "top ideas" and "hot ideas."  You can also press "ctrl" "f" and enter in search criteria to search each page.  We recommend:

1.     "Wilderness for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" (currently a hot idea)

2.     "Prohibit mining and oil exploration on National Wildlife Refuges" (currently a top idea)

3.     "Revise the FWS Wilderness Stewardship Policy" (currently a top idea)

4.     "Recognize that our National Wildlife Refuges are not state game production areas."

5.     "Prohibit Oil and Gas leasing and development from our NWRs, its incompatible with REFUGE purposes." (currently a new idea)

3.     Once you find an idea you like, support it by writing a comment and voting!  You have 20 votes and can vote for one item up to three times. 

More Information:

Lindsey Hajduk



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