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Issues We Care About

Here you will find background information about environmental issues in Alaska.

The lastest updates can be found under ACTION ALERTS.

Current articles about Alaskan issues can be found under NEWS.

Beyond Coal

The irony of a coal-based future cannot be overstated: Alaska is witnessing the tangible effects of rapid global warming unlike any other state, and Alaska's heralded wild fisheries are beginning to show mercury contamination from far-off coal plants.



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Clean Energy Solutions

Alaska has amazing opportunities around every bend when it comes to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Fixing our economy and transforming our energy future will allow us to repower and rebuild Alaska.

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Other Alaska Lands and Waters

From the windswept Aleutians and and the wetlands of Western Alaska to the expansive forests and mountain ranges of Interior Alaska, the Sierra Club works to protect Alaska's wildlands.



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Public Lands

America's Arctic

From the sweeping vistas of the Arctic Refuge to the lush wetlands of the western Arctic, America's Arctic is a place of grand landscapes and rich biological diversity. But these places are threatened by oil and gas exploration and development that already sprawls across more than 1,000 square miles of once-pristine North Slope tundra.


Coastal Rainforests

Beautiful, lush and remote, Alaska's rainforests are the largest remaining pristine temperate rainforest on Earth, a last remnant of an increasingly rare ecosystem.  These forests sustain fisheries, provide habitat for wildlife and have nurtured the Alaskan spirit for generations.  The Tongass National Forest, in Southeast, is the nation's largest.  Just a few miles outside of Anchorage you can discover the wonders of the Chugach National Forest.

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Tongass National Forest

At 17 million acres, the Tongass National Forest in Alaska is America's largest national forest, a jumble of mountain peaks, glaciers, free-flowing rivers, muskeg, forest and fjords.



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