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American Taxpayers are Paying to Clearcut the Tongass

The Humpback-Gallagher Timber Sale near Hoonah is a perfect example of the problems with the Forest Service's approach to logging on the Tongass National Forest. Read the PDF factsheet: A Rotten Deal for Taxpayers - The Humpback-Gallagher Timber Sale

The Midway Timber Sale. The third time is no charm for American Taxpayers. Four years after being placed on the market, each tree was sold for what amounted to less than the price of a small chesse pizza. Read the PDF factsheet: A Rotten Deal for Taxpayers - The Midway Timber Sale

A Billion $ Price Tag Forest Service's 10 yer schedule for logging the Tongass National Forest top $1 billion in potential loss for American Taxpayers. Read the PDF factsheet: Paying to Log America's Rainforest

Taxpayers Asked to Pay to Clearcut America's Rainforest Despite the majesty of the Tongass, the US Forest Service is allowing the logging industry to chop away at America's Pride... Subsidized by tax dollars, leaving Americans to foor the bill. Read the PDF factsheet: Tongass Subsidy Factsheet

Record Taxpayer Losses in the Tongass The Forst Service's fiscal year 2004 expenditures reveal significantly higher taxpayer losses than previous years. Read the PDF alert: Tongass Higher Loss Alert

A Tale of Two Timber Sales. In June 2004 the House of Representatives passed a subsidy amendment that removed Forest Service funding for the planning, engineering, and construction of new logging roads on the Tongass National Forest. Read an editorial by Juneau Group Chair, Mark Rorick: A Tale of Two Timber Sales


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