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Sierra Borealis

Group and Chapter Newsletters:

Alaska Report - September 2014
Sierra Club Chapter
Sep 01, 2014
Pebble EPA decision, Chapter election, Chuitna Day of Action, NPS to protect preserves, Big Thorne sale challenge, Congressional election, Tongass exemption rehearing, Glacier Bay egg collecting, Lindsey Hajduk farewell , Mike Miller recollections, Seward coal lawsuit victory, Wilderness 50th events

Alaska Report - June 2014
Sierra Club Chapter
Jun 01, 2014
tongass alert; NPS: removal from parks; Wilderness 50 events; pebble update; NPS wildlife restrictions; noatak canoe trip; Wilderness publication

Alaska Report - March 2014
Sierra Club Chapter
Mar 01, 2014
Shell Drilling, National Park Service, Chugach update, Pebble and EPA, Tongass plan news, Exxon Valdez 25th Anniversary, Wilderness Act 50th Anniversary events, book review

Alaska Report - December 2013
Sierra Club Chapter
Dec 01, 2013
Monuments 35th, Chugach, Arctic, Wilderness 50th, Big Thorne, EPA hearing, Denali Wolves, Kayak Service Trip, Book reviews

Alaska Report - September 2013
Sierra Club Chapter
Sep 01, 2013
Chugach plan, senate bills, Alaska Wild 50, Kayak outing, Gwich'in meeting, Greens Creek, Chapter Election

Alaska Report - June 2013
Sierra Club Chapter
Jun 01, 2013
Sealaska Bill; Roadless Rule; Glacier Bay; Frankenfish; Clean Air Lobby; Pebble Mine; Wilderness 50; New Staff

Alaska Report - March 2013
Sierra Club Chapter
Mar 01, 2013

Alaska Report - December 2012
Sierra Club Chapter
Dec 01, 2012
Chapter election, Arctic recap, book review, Kayak trip, Big Thorne sale, Roads to Resources, Victory Corps, Thanks to Emily

Alaska Report - September 2012
Sierra Club Chapter
Sep 01, 2012
NPRA Plan, Shell Drilling, Chapter Elections, Katmai Bridge, Brooks Range Trip, Tobacco and coal, Book Review, Coastal Program

Alaska Report - June 2012
Sierra Club Chapter
Jun 01, 2012
EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, Pebble Mine, Shell Offshore Drilling, Goldman Prize Award, Wet Dog Race, Wild Rivers Attacked, Kids and Coal, Two Arctic Trips, Book Review

Alaska Report - March 2012
Sierra Club Chapter
Mar 01, 2012
Arctic, Izembek EIS, Wilderness 50th Anniversary, Pebble Mine and EPA, Road to Umiat, Railroad Herbicides, Wildlife Management, Juneau Road, Superfund Site

Alaska Report - December 2011
Sierra Club Chapter
Dec 01, 2011
OCS Comments, Sealaska Bill, Chapter Elections, State Lands, Wishbone Mine, Arctic CCP, Book Review, Murkowski and Coal, Pebble Survey

Alaska Report - September 2011
Sierra Club Chapter
Sep 01, 2011
Arctic Wilderness, Denali Road, Chapter Elections, Midnight Wilderness, Obituaries, Seward and Coal, Admiralty Paddle, Logaugh Celebration, 350 in Cancun

Alaska Report - June 2011
Sierra Club Chapter
Jun 01, 2011
Umiat road scoping, Sealaska bill, Glacier Bay bill, Mat-Su coal mine, Climate Corner, Juneau Road Victory, Road Kill

Alaska Report - March 2011
Sierra Club Chapter
Mar 15, 2011
Arctic Offshore Drilling, Unimak wolves, Tongass National Forest, Roadless Rule, Chapter Election, Cliff Lobaugh, ANILCA, Coal Exports, NPS "Gathering" Plan, Refuge's Vision, Volunteer's Voice

Alaska Report - December 2010
Sierra Club Chapter
Dec 01, 2010
Arctic Monument, Glacier Bay Integrity, Chapter Election, Climate News, Pebble Mine Update, Newcomer's View, Book Review, "Arctic Sanctuary: Images of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge", Chair's Column, Murkowski

Alaska Report - September 2010
Sierra Club Chapter
Sep 01, 2010
National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Scoping, Wrangell-St. Elias Off-Road Vehicles, Coal Ash, EPA public comment period, Commuter Rail, Chapter Elections, Newcomer's View, Energy Efficiency, Chair's Column

Alaska Report - June 2010
Sierra Club Chapter
Jun 01, 2010
Arctic Refuge, Arctic CCP, Offshore Drilling, Dirty Coal Waste, UAF Beyond Coal, Glacier Bay Lies, Tongass Initiatives, Chair's Column

Children's Earth Care
Earth Care Club
Apr 01, 2010
Medora Rorick is only 11years old and she has been doing some big things. Medora started a club in elementary school. Check out her latest edition of "Earth Care," covering issues she and her classmates care about.

Alaska Report - March 2010
Sierra Club National
Mar 01, 2010
Dr. Edgar Wayburn, Sealaska Bill, Beluga Whales, Seward Coal Dust, Coal Kills Snow, Pebble Mine, Dick Myren, Izembek Road, New Alaska Staff

Alaska Report - November 2009
Sierra Club National
Nov 01, 2009
Polar Bears, Arctic Fishing, Arctic Refuge Op-Ed, Katmai Park Plan, Wildlife & Warming, Chapter Election, Pebble Update

Alaska Report - August 2009
Sierra Club National
Aug 01, 2009
Offshore Drilling, Protect Clean Water, Coal Campaign, Pebble Permitting, River Trip, Glacier Bay, Yukon Flats

Alaska Report - May 2009
Sierra Club National
May 01, 2009
Offshore Drilling, Tongass Roadless Bill, Alaska's 50th, Izembek Road, Book Notes, Coal Campaign, Exxon-Valdez at 20

Alaska Report - February 2009
Sierra Club National
Feb 01, 2009
Arctic, Izembek Road, Election, Tongass, Denali, Energy

Alaska Report - September 2008
Sierra Club National
Sep 30, 2008
Pebble Mine, Tongass Management Plan, Exxon Valdez Case, Wolf Hunting, Arctic Refuge, Izembek Refuge, Yukon Flats, John F. Seiberling, Chapter and Group Elections.

Alaska Report - June 2008
Sierra Club National
Jun 01, 2008
Polar Bears, Shell Oil, Izembek and Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuges, Tongass Land Plan, Alaska's Coal Rush, Juneau Road

Alaska Report - March 2008
Sierra Club National
Mar 01, 2008
Polar Bears, Chukchi Oil, Another Bad Tongass Plan, Juneau Road Boondoggle, Yukon Flats Land Exchange, Commuter Rail.

Alaska Report - December 2007
Sierra Club National
Dec 01, 2007
Teshekpuk Lake Drilling, Wolf Massacre, Izembek Refuge Road, Togiak Refuge Plan, Tongass Land Grab, Coal Success, Arctic Wilderness Bill, Sierra Sportsmen.

Alaska Report - August 2007
Sierra Club National
Aug 01, 2007
Happy 100th - Chugach National Forest!, ORVs in Parks, Arctic Refuge Bird Year, Western Arctic, Tongass Subsidies, Kensington Mine.

Alaska Report - May 2007
Sierra Club National
May 01, 2007
Bristol Bay Refuge, Pebble Mine, Offshore Drilling, Tongass Sales Withdrawn, Kensington Success, Wilderness Week, Coal and Global Warming, New Staff.

Alaska Report - October 2006
Sierra Club National
Oct 04, 2006
Kensington Mine, Teshekpuk Lake, BP Shutdown, Ed Wayburn, Wild Salmon Week, Predator Control, Renewable Energy

Alaska Report - June 2006
Sierra Club National
Jun 15, 2006
Western Arctic, Teshekpuk Lake, Bear Baiting, Hold Exxon Accountable, Tongass Plan

Alaska Report - March 2006
Sierra Club National
Mar 01, 2006
Hold Exxon Accountable, Arctic Drilling, Denali National Park, Tongass Vision, Off-Shore Drilling, Predator Hunting.

Up Ship Creek Vol 6 Issue 1 - Winter 2006
Knik Group
Feb 01, 2006
Fire Island Wind Power - Knik River Public Use Area - Hatcher Pass Pubic Use Area

Sierra Borealis Winter 2006
Alaska Chapter
Feb 01, 2006
Tongass Plan, Kensington Mine, Bridges to Nowhere.

Up Ship Creek November-December 2005
Knik Group
Nov 01, 2005
Cool Cities Campaign, Knik River Public Use Area, Kenai Winter Recreation

Alaska Report - November 2005
Sierra Club National
Nov 01, 2005
Arctic Refuge, Kensington Mine, Pebble Mine, Tongass Plan, Chugach National Forest

September/October 2005 Up Ship Creek
Knik Group
Oct 01, 2005
Exxpose Exxon, Outings, Permanent Fund, Kenai Recreation.

July/August Up Ship Creek
Knik Group
Aug 17, 2005
Knik Group update, events and outings calendar.

June 2005 Alaska Report
Sierra Club National
Jun 16, 2005
Arctic, Denali Plan, Katmai Bears and more. (Large File! 2.2 MB)

Summer 2004 Sierra Borealis
Alaska Chapter
Aug 15, 2004
Roadless Rule, Wilderness Week, Sierra Club and Politics


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